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How to Toilet Paper a House and get away with it!

TP'd House
Did you really just click on an article hoping for advice on skirting the law? If you did, run away. It's a trap! Your IP has been logged and sent to Charmin. For those of us in the industry, this is what we call "Click Bait". LOL yeah...I don't know what "the industry" means. Everyone calls it click bait. If you've ever been on Facebook, you know what click bait is. Anyway, don't TP anyone's house. It's illegal and you'll get in trouble. While you're here, read these safety tips for trick-or-treaters.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) is offering tips to help trick-or-treaters stay safe this Halloween. If you're in the Indianapolis area, IMPD is planning extra patrols and enforcement in neighborhoods during Halloween activities.

IMPD is also offering Safe Halloween Trick-or-Treating events. Click here for a list.

Safety Tips

  • Wear light-colored clothing short enough to prevent tripping and add reflective tape
  • Wear fire-resistant costumes
  • Make sure children can see well through face masks
  • Don't wear masks or disguises into businesses
  • Adults should accompany young children and children with special needs
  • Go out in daylight hours if possible or carry a flashlight if you'll be out after dark
  • Motorists are reminded to slow down and be aware of their surroundings
  • Only give and accept wrapped or packaged treats
  • Examine all treats before allowing children to eat them. If you find a suspicious item, contact police as soon as possible; if injury is involved, dial 911
  • Avoid props such as toy guns, which can look real
  • Consider block parties instead of trick-or-treating
  • Don't fire guns – it's illegal and - what goes up, must come down
  • Check the weather and have appropriate dress under costumes in the event of cold temperatures
I hope I've offended at least one of you with my ruse. Lighten up! Eat a Snickers, you're probably hangry. Seriously, we want you and your kids to be safe during Halloween. So, no Tricks just Treats!

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