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May 31th, 2017

Confused by Insurance? Who's to blame?

Vehicle flat tire
I went to the doctor recently for a visit. I didn't really want to go since it was a non-emergency, elective situation. If I could just self-diagnose and fix any potential issues, I could avoid the scary proposition of maybe being told something bad and expensive was at hand. But, I had to take the chance. Professional experience and knowledge was needed.

In the end, there was nothing imminent or severely problematic diagnosed. It still was not a great experience. The people were nice, but no one could tell me the price of anything. I was given options, but how can I decide to fix a problem if I don’t have the information needed? I also struggled with understanding foreign phrases and jargon. In the end, I was more lost than helped.

I know I went to the right place and was talking to the people that could help me, but did not make much progress. Maybe sticking my head in the sand and hoping for the best is the answer.

Ever feel this same way when dealing with insurance? We spend a tremendous amount of our monthly budgets to buy something we don’t want (as its use means bad things have happened). We are either required to buy it, or feel obligated to protect our property and loved ones. Or, sometimes we are just willing to trade off the fear of loss for the comfort the protection brings. Still, a lot of money spent, confusing communication and the reluctance to deal with it in the first place, is not a recipe to a good experience.

So, who is to blame for this situation? You, the consumer? The agents? The laws? The insurance industry? The answer is quite simply, yes, all share blame. What, then, is the resolution to the problem?

My thoughts in reverse order-

The insurance industry is slowly changing; forced by marketplace evolution. Be patient here while looking for a company willing to be more consumer friendly. The laws? Well, best leave that one alone for the sake of space and argument.

The agent / agency is critical to the equation. You have the right (and should demand) to be talked to in plain English or, at least, have them take the time to explain the technical words. Exploration of your situation and customized, personal solutions are important to cost efficiency and better end results. Competitive (not necessarily lowest) pricing should be offered. Don’t settle for less.

Your role? Let’s be realistic, claim time is the only time you care about insurance. And, if it is going to be a pleasant claim experience, it will only happen in one of two ways - You were lucky, or you were willing to have taken the time to invest in the buying experience. While no ultimate guarantee of good results, preparation beforehand is the key. And, if you focus primarily on price, you may get what you paid for.

In the end, financial wellness does not come to the unprepared, the unaware, or the unwilling. Health insurance premiums alone can match the cost of a monthly car payment (or even a house payment). Take a look at your budget. Total premiums for insurance may be your largest single monthly expenditure. This area is not to be taken lightly.

Just how critical can lack of proper attention be? Uninsured losses are the number one leading cause of bankruptcy. Combining high risk and high cost, insurance is a critical component to our financial success in life.

Don’t sell yourself short. Invest the necessary time in insurance planning, not just insurance buying. No, it may not be as pleasant as planning for vacations, but a bad vacation is not likely to ruin your life. Ultimately, if you find the right person to work with, it may actually end up being pleasant!

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