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"Dear Paul

I send this letter to thank you for and commend you on your exceptional service. I came to you initially, in need of "insurance problem solving." At the time I had no insurance and you navigated my options through the Affordable Healthcare Act's Marketplace Network. Your research resulted in a policy my husband said was much better than his Medicare plan..What you did protected my life..

Now, at 65, there is a new mine field.... Medicare and supplemental insurance. Once again, your competence carried me to a safe place tailored to my needs and income. Including Mr. Voelker into the planning circle significantly enhanced the process. Life is full of uncertainty, how marvelous it is that I can rest, in the assurance, that you, with a joyful heart, know what you know about insurance.

Thank you so much,

Leslie B."
"You guys are amazing. My husband and I are very, very grateful of all your help. [Staci] and Dennis have been so nice and helpful you are our choice for any further insurance we have in the future!

Thank you,

Cori S."
"Dear Dana and Micky,

Thank you again for putting my dad and me in touch with Pam Evans of Star Benefit. Pam was extremely generous in sharing her Medicare expertise and experience. My dad and I consider ourselves very fortunate to be associated with such a professional and compassionate group of people as the three of you and we are very grateful.

Best Regards,

"I thank you for your assistance in signing me up for insurance through the Affordable Health Care Act. As a 62-year-old woman with no health insurance, to say that this was a life opening decision, would be an understatement. As you know, navigating the minefield of health costs can result in huge negative coverage and financial consequences should we not make the right decision.

From the beginning, your gentle competence allowed me to feel I would not be walking in the dark. I came with specific questions, but as I began signing up on the exchange, more arose that you were able to answer. Your professionalism and personal integrity allowed you to lend insight without swaying of selling. My husband and I realize you made our process of making a "right and timely choice" possible. We are well pleased with my new policy. Clearly, you represent the best of healthcare's invitation to wellness.


Leslie B."