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Should You Update Homeowners Insurance Coverage as Prices of Lumber and Steel Skyrocket?

New Construction
In the past year, the price of lumber has increased by 377%, according to an infographic from Visual Capitalist. It hit a record high of $1,635 per 1,000 board feet, when lumber has historically ranged from $200 to 400 per board foot, the website says. Will my homeowner's insurance policy cover the increased cost of a rebuild?

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Covered: The Health Insurance Term You're Misusing

Our agents hear it all the time, “is it covered?” You’ve probably asked this question before when buying health insurance, be it out loud or just in your head. Before every doctor visit or procedure, I ask it myself, too… However, I’ve only recently realized that what I’m asking is not what I really mean…

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10 Surprising Factors That Can Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

Kya Ready for a Ride!
We may think we know what factors are used to calculate our auto insurance. Do we have a history of speeding or accidents? Our age and where we live is a pretty large factor. Young, inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident. The age and type of vehicle you drive is a huge factor. Is it a two-door sports car or a minivan? Does it have all the newest safety features? Most of these seem fairly obvious, but did you know your job can affect your insurance premium? What about your credit score? Did you know your previous insurance carrier can affect the rates of your new insurance carrier?

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Temporary Home Offices: Working from Home Tips

Home Office
Our lives look a lot different now from the way they did even two months ago. The coronavirus pandemic turned our world upside down, drastically changing how people travel, work, parent and more.

No matter how your pre-pandemic life looked, one thing you’ve probably altered is your spending. From impulse shopping to panic buying, Americans are spending money in ways we’ve never seen before.

Here’s a look at some of the most interesting numbers about our coronavirus spending habits

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Working from Home: Tips to Increase Comfort and Productivity

Work from home
There's no doubt COVID-19 has dramatically changed our lives. Social distancing is our way of life for now. When possible, many businesses are navigating this new normal by closing their offices and asking employees to work from home. This may be a first for many employees and it might have them wondering: How should I set up my workstation at home?

Here are some tips we shared with our associates. We hope you are staying healthy and safe!

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The Insurance Center Group's Business Continuity Plan

We hope everyone is in good health and safe during this tough time. We are currently open. We are following the advise of the CDC and of our state and local officials. We are here to serve you, but please stay home. We can service your needs over the phone, through email or online. If we are required to close our office, we will still be able to help you. We are completely capable of servicing your policies remotely. We will still be able to answer our office phones, check and respond to email, and access your policies remotely.

Does my insurance cover me for flood damage?

Southern Indiana weather is the best. We've had sub-zero temperatures, heavy snowfall then 60 degree weather followed by nearly 6 inches of rain with flooding and just for good measure we threw in a tornado warning. That sounds like a pretty good year of weather, but that was just the last two weeks!

The amount of snow and rain lately has caused a lot of flooding. Water is a very destructive force and causes a lot of damage. This always brings up the question about what your auto and home insurance actually covers.

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What is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Piano hits car
Many think they carry “full coverage" on their car insurance policy; however, in reality there is no such thing as full coverage auto insurance.

When people talk about "full coverage" car insurance, they're often referring to a combination of coverages that help protect you. A “full coverage” policy is typically one that includes several types of car insurance coverages that, as a whole, provide a solid level of protection in case of an accident.

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Will your home insurance cover damages from a power outage?

Power Outage
A power outage -- whether triggered by lightning, a storm rolling or some other cause -- can suddenly make homeowners realize how vital electricity is. The outage can not only leave homeowners in the dark, but can damage computer equipment, TVs and other electronic equipment.

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How to Toilet Paper a House and get away with it!

TP'd House
Many people aren't familiar with their state laws that govern TPing a house. I have spent the majority of my life compiling an extensive list of each law in each state and the way to avoid prosecution. Did you know in Utah, if you use biodegradable TP, it's not technically littering?

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Man Wakes From Coma With Ability To Understand Health Insurance Policy

Man wakes from coma
In what doctors are calling a true medical miracle, local construction worker Kal Mathyssen awoke from a week-long coma early Wednesday with the ability to fully comprehend his health insurance plan, sources at Parker Adventist Hospital confirmed.

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security
National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual designation observed in October.

Serious threats to personal data are at an all time high. Everyone, including individuals and businesses of all sizes, needs to remain diligent in their protecting themselves from hackers and privacy breaches. Scammers of all sorts bombard us through pop-ups, viruses, e-mails, phone calls and even the businesses we visit every day. Take steps to protect yourself. Read the full article here...

Common College Scams

College Scams
As young adults diving into the wide world alone for the first time, college students are often the intended targets of scams.

Lack of experience and a thirst for independence make students susceptible to the trickery and deceit of cunning con artists and swindlers. Even the brightest students can fall victim to the schemes of nefarious tricksters. Avoiding scams requires a worldliness that comes with age. Fortunately, you don’t have to face life unprepared. A little basic knowledge and a healthy pinch of vigilance can go great lengths in guarding any student from malevolent trickery. Here are a few of the most common college scams and how to avoid them. Read the full article here...